Commander's welcome


Ladies and Gentlemen,

my name is Francesco Greco (Colonel of Italian Army – Infantry Corps). I assumed command of Multinational CIMIC Group on June 9th 2017. Since then, I have had the privilege and the honor of leading this joint / combined specialized Unit which is affiliated to NATO and operates on national soil and in the international context with high professionalism and leadership. Its ranks include several experienced Officers and NCOs from the Army, the Airforce, the Navy and the Italian Carabinieri who combine individual experiences and contribute to create this unique environment.

The strength of this Unit lies in the ability to merge real field experience into a vast offer of domestic training programs and courses which are carried out with enviable quality standards worth of unanimous recognition across the alliance.

Additionally, a constant symbiosis exists between the multinational Staff, which includes personnel from contributing nations of Greece, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia, the national HQ and the Italian CIMIC battalion, a tactical Unit which may deployed in all operational environments.

Multinational CIMIC group is an excellence of the Italian Armed Forces. Its caliber is the result of the work of all personnel who serve silently but efficiently within the premises of “Mario Fiore”barracks in Motta di Livenza. Their efforts succeed not only in creating a fine working space but, more importantly, in a comprehensive high-quality support to personnel deployed in operations. I wish to commend all these personnel for professionalism and dedication they have demonstrated, of which I am proud.

Multinational CIMIC Group is also perfectly integrated in the local community. The municipality of MOTTA DI LIVENZA in the first place, but also the surrounding local communities and all municipalities where the main training areas are located, provide a constant support to the MNCG mission and to its personnel who operate under the guidance and protection of Mother Theresa, patron saint of MNCG.

This website is meant to be a simple tool of the essence of Multinational CIMIC Group which, under the wise guidance of those who have preceded me from year 2002, has become an indispensable asset of the Italian Armed Forces and of NATO.


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