Visit at the ITALAIR base of children from Tibnin orphanotrophy and the Naqoura public school

Naqoura (Lebanon), 21st December 2017

Few days ago, sixty children coming from the Tibnin orphanage and a public school in Naqoura were welcomed at the ITALAIR Task Force base by the Italian blue helmets.

The children, accompanied by their teachers, had the opportunity to spend a special day together with the flight crews and the Operators of the Multinational CIMIC Group, a Multinational and Joint Unit specialized in civil-military cooperation.

The children were able to observe the AB 212 helicopters, to get on board to live a real pilot experience and also to have the visit of a particular guest. In fact, suddenly Santa Claus appeared to distribute gifts to the little guests, arousing emotion and enthusiasm.

The crews of the ITALAIR Task Force have been employed in Lebanon since 1979.

Under the orders of their commander Colonel Giuliano Innecco, they are ready to take off in less than 30 minutes to carry out different types of missions including medical evacuations (CASEVAC), daily reconnaissance and observation flights throughout the Operation Area, especially along the Blue Line which is the demarcation line between Lebanon and Israel, in compliance with Security Council Resolution 1701.


Source:  Italian Defence General Staff Website


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