Completed Course for CIMIC Operators

Theoretical and operational activities for over thirty students from the Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish Armed Forces but also from the civil world


Motta di Livenza (TV), 12 April 2019. Today the course dedicated to CIMIC operators destined to operate at a tactical level was concluded, held in the “Mario Fiore” barracks in Motta di Livenza, home of the Multinational CIMIC Group.

The course, which aims to provide visitors with the knowledge and skills to interface with the many actors, military and civilian, governmental and non-governmental, in the areas of operation, saw the participation of 34 students from the Armed Forces of Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain and Romania as well as civil, national and foreign personnel.

The "CIMIC Tactical Operator Course" (CTOC), has the peculiarity of being, at present, the only course, in the panorama of the training offer of NATO, dedicated to the preparation of operators at a tactical level. Carried out entirely in English and with a duration of two weeks, the instructors of the Multinational CIMIC Group were also joined by Italian and foreign trainers, crisis management experts from the civilian environment. In addition to the normal frontal lessons, the attendees also performed a substantial number of role plays and orientiring activities where they are required to use the tools acquired in the classroom to mediate and cooperate in situations of physical stress and in the midst of operational activities.

The CIMIC operators are, to date, employed in crisis areas where the Italian Army is called to operate and this allows to obtain a virtuous cycle of teaching: to carry out what has been studied in the classroom and to teach in the classroom this that is learned in operation to offer training that is perfectly consistent with the current, changing and complex operational scenarios.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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