MNCG staff in cooperation for the improvement of social conditions

Djibouti, May 2022.
Multinational CIMIC Group specialists, in recent weeks, have execute an inspection in Tadjourah city to verify effects and effectiveness of a project carried out in 2021, relating to supply of equipment for waste collection in favor of the Association for Interregional Development, which cooperates with government institutions.
The President of the Association, Mr. Ali Mohamed Houmed, thanked the Italian contingent for the delivered material. The mentioned material was useful to increase the waste collection capacity in the area: he specified that the pollution problem derives from the lack of a recycling system and from a lack of education in doing properly the waste collection.
Thus the commitment of MNCG operators continues, with constant monitoring of projects carried out in the past, maintaining relations with other realities operating in support of local authorities. Liaison activity is the most important one in keeping the situational awareness always updated within the operational scenarios in which MNCG Operators are deployed.


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