Skopje, MKD

NATO staffs and members of allied and partners Ministries of Defence met in Skopje, North Macedonia for the NATO Communicators Conference from Sep 5 to 8, 2022 to address a variety of current topics affecting nations. Over 300 Communication specialists including MNCG Officers gathered for the four day conference to discuss and exchange ideas on deterrence strategy, the eastern crisis, partnerships, NATO’s New Strategic Concept and more.

During his opening remarks to conference attendees, the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovačevski stated, “No time for jokes, especially during this time (…) we see that it is more than ever important to fight disinformation with clear information and that is your job.”

“Communication specialists are vital to the success of NATO and the alliance. I am very proud of the vital work you do in communicating NATO's capability and resolve, and in preserving our credibility and legitimacy around the world," said Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher G. Cavoli. Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, General Philippe Lavigne, added “Information is a resource at this moment used to destabilize nations, especially democracies and peoples’ minds. Countering this, NATO has to be resilient to counter it.”

After the last NATO Information & Communicators Conference held in Warsaw in 2019, this has been the first time that NATO staffs, allies and partners have met to discuss communication initiatives in 3 years. Since the last conference the world has experienced significant change: a global pandemic, crisis in the East, energy concerns, food insecurity and the ongoing impacts of climate change.

NATO continues to adapt to meet these challenges, with a new Strategic Concept, and new strategies for deterrence, defence and the future of warfighting. Strategic Communication being central to all of these concepts.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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