Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) operators donations of informational and educational equipment in South-West Kosovo reaffirmed KFOR’s impartial commitment to support all institutions that work for the coexistence and cooperation among all ethnic groups, with special focus on the education of young generations

Strpce, Kosovo

As part of the civil and military cooperation projects that the Italian contingent conducts in support of the mission and in favor of the Kosovar population, the MNCG specialists detached to the Regional Command West (RC-W) coordinated a donation of informational and educational equipment to several schools in the municipality of Strpce, in the southern part of western Kosovo.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Kosovo, H.E. Antonello Del Riu and the Commander of RC-W, Colonel Ivano Marotta, attended the handover ceremony at the Strpce town hall, together with the Local Authorities and representatives of the albanian and serbs language elementary and high schools present in the municipality.

Supporting the development of youth's knowledge and skills in a variety of ways, including study, sports, the arts, vocational education, and service is part of the programs and projects developed by the specialists of the Multinational CIMIC Group in accordance with the military mission goals. The particular range of activities conducted in the municipality of Strpce was focus to promote the stabilization of the country by supporting the educational growth of the younger generations.


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