The course, unique in the panorama of NATO’s educational offer, reached the seventh edition.

Motta di Livenza,24th March 2023.

On March 24,2023,MNCG completed the CIMIC Tactical Operator Course (CTOC) addressed to CIMIC (Civil-Military Cooperation) Operator working at tactical level.
The course, organized in two weeks, aims to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to interact with several actors,military and non-military, who populate potential area of operations.The 37 students,coming from both the civil environment and all Italian and allied Armed Forces,received classes on doctrinals contents,ranging from assessment to interpreter management,to assertive communication and negotiation skills,and from gender mainstreaming to cultural awarness.Students were also requested to test on the ground the techiques in role games with non-military actors (role players) and under psycological and physical stress.It is worth mentioning the collaboration with the US Army Civil Affairs and Polish Army instructors,who supported the course execution by providing coaches and instructors,as part of a NATO CIMIC intructors exchange program.The course is a unique in the NATO’s educational landscape,and achieved its seventh edition since 2017.

MNCG CIMIC operators are currently deployed in crisis areas where the ITA Armed Forces are requested to operate, and based on the experiences achieved in this deployments MNCG is able to develop a virtuos cycle of education where what is learned in classroom is subsequently practiced in operation and viceversa.The Multinational CIMIC Group,wich includes,among the contributing nations, Greece, Hungary,Italy,Portugal,Romania and Slovenia,represents today a hub of expertise for the operators training in the complex field of civil-military cooperation.To date, more than 2400 students,both civilian and military, from all over the world,have qualified through MNCG CIMIC Courses at “Mario Fiore” barracks,and this achievement highlights the quality of MNCG education and training wich is continuosly adapted to respond to the real needs of currents operational scenarios.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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