Cimic Field and Staff Worker Courses Concluded


Motta di Livenza (TV), 2019 november 29.

The second iteration of NATO CIMIC (civil-military cooperation) Field & Staff Worker courses for 2019 is
over. Forty students, coming from Italian and Foreign armed forces, attended one of the most demanding
courses within the Multinational CIMIC Course educational bid. The structure of the courses has allowed
students to attend a modular phase through an initial Advanced Distributed Learning module and a final
residential phase in Motta di Livenza. Courses are conducted in parallel for the first week in which students
have received lectures about CIMIC doctrine, communications skills and NATO Cross Cutting Topics, then
participating in several syndicates and role players to enhance the concepts discussed in class. The second
week has been focused on field training experiences/lessons learned followed by a 3 days field training
exercise based on a complex crisis in a failed State, involving local authorities, religious members and
cultural associations as role players in order to obtain a real output based on effective liaison and assessment

Several guest speakers intervened during the course coming from International, Governmental and Non-
Governmental Organizations as Ms. Elisabeth KOEK, member of Norwegian Refugee Council, Ms.
Caterina Pino, former member of UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs),
Mr. Marco Pastori, Fund raising Project Director of International Center for Childhood and Family, Ms.
Francesca Dell’Acqua, Civil Military Relations and Security Management subject matter expert and
contributor for NATO, UN, EU and OSCE. During the courses a USARAF (United States Army Africa)
delegation has been hosted to appreciate the organization of the educational modules, in the light of the close
cooperation between the Multinational CIMIC Group and the American Unit located in Vicenza.



Source: Multinational CIMIC Group






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