Collaboration between Multinational CIMIC Group and Local Authorities



Collaboration between Multinational CIMIC Group and Local Authorities.


During the role plays carried out as part of the practical phase of NATO CIMIC Field and Staff Worker Course, the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) Commander met Prof. Paolo Pauletto and Dr. Francesco Rizzardo, President and CEO of the Rehabilitative Hospital of Motta di Livenza.

The personnel of the prestigious Healthcare Facility played the role of the civilian part in a hypothetical crisis area, allowing the course attendees to exercise a realistic simulation in conducting a meeting. The students had the opportunity to put into practice the lessons received in class on communication, negotiation and use of interpreters. The well-established collaboration, over the years, of the multinational and joint Unit with the Local Institutions and Public Bodies of the area, represents an added value to the training offer of the Multinational CIMIC Group.

MNCG designs, organises and carries out the practical phase of the courses according to the field experiences of its specialists, deployed in all the missions and operation where the Italian Contingent is present.

Multinational CIMIC Group carries out Training & Education activities, at international and joint level, in cooperation with the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence in The Hague, The Netherlands, thanks to a program focused on the specialization of different professional profiles that interact in the CIMIC environment regarding both the military and civilian components. The training offer, in English language and with specific objectives according to the different training audience, consists of a wide range of courses, attended, until now, by more than 1500 students.

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