NATO Training activity carried out from the Multinational CIMIC Group in favour of 42 students coming from 7 Countries



NATO Training activity carried out from the Multinational CIMIC Group in favour of 42 students coming from 7 Countries.


The NATO CIMIC Field and Staff Worker Course ended today at the “Mario Fiore” Barrack in Motta di Livenza (Treviso), Headquarters of the Multinational CIMIC Group, Army Unit - joint and multinational - specialized in Civil and Military Cooperation.

The course tailored to the training needs of the specialists to be deployed in ever-changing and complex international environment, offers to the students the opportunity to strengthen and to enlarge the knowledge in the specific civil and military cooperation field.

In particular, thanks to the development of lessons plans for the teaching of the use of interpreters, communication and negotiation, analysis and evaluation of the civil environment, techniques and procedures for the implementation of projects and general information on liaison and coordination activities with the main Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations working in the area of operations, the attendees were provided with useful tools to be used in the field, as CIMIC operators and in the Staff, as Commander advisors.

To the course, certified as NATO Course and carried out in close collaboration with the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre Of Excellence (CCOE), have contributed several guest speakers, among them Andrew Bell –Representative of the International Committe of the Red Cross Office to NATO and European Armed Forces, and 6 Instructors, coming from France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and United States of America, who enlarged, for the occasion, the teaching staff of the Multinational CIMIC Group.

The training activity, joint by 42 students, civilian and military of all Armed Forces coming from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Jordan, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, is composed of an advanced distributing learning phase and a two-week residential phase during that the attendees, in addition to the lessons, have the opportunity to take part in role plays organised in order to recreate the main activities carried out by the CIMIC specialists in operations.

The practical phase is made more realistic thanks to the collaboration with the Local Institutions and Public Bodies of the territory, which, involved in the simulations, play the role of the civil component in a hypothetical crisis area.

The training offer of the Multinational CIMIC Group is the result of a training virtuous cycle: to teach in the class what you learn in operations and to put into practice what you learn in class. Currently the Multinational CIMIC Group specialists are deployed in all the main operations where the Italian Armed Forces are present: Kosovo, Lebanon, Somalia, Djibouti, Afghanistan and in Rome, at the European Union Operational Headquarters, in the European Operation EUNAVFOR Med.

Source: Multinational CIMIC Group



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