The Italian military deployed to BMIS in Djibouti, donate medical equipment to Balbala hospital



Djibouti - January 18, 2018


The Italian Contingent in Djibouti donates a PA240 Ultrasound probe, a medical equipment to be used in cardiology wards.

The ceremony took place at the Balbala hospital today. Colonel Lorenzo GUANI, Commanding Officer of BMIS (Base Militare Italiana di Supporto) and Dr. Houssein Ahmed Guadid, head of the hospital, presided.

Dr. Houssein Ahmed Guadid thanked the Colonel for the donation and for the precious and uninterrupted support provided from BMIS.

The donation was planned and conducted by the CIMIC specialists of the Contingent, deployed from Multinational CIMIC Group in Motta di Livenza.


Source:  Italian Defence General Staff Website



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