CIMIC Seminar “RUBIELOS 2018”

The CIMIC Seminar “Rubielos 2018” took place, from 16 April to 20 April, in Valencia, at the Military Sporting Center “Juan Carlos I”.

The activity, organized by the Spanish CIMIC Battalion, was conducted in favour of the Officers and Warrant Officers of four Spanish Army Brigades: I, VI, VII and X.

The programme included lectures regarding the basic concept of the Civil and Military Cooperation, and practical activities carried out with role players and with Civil Authorities coming from a village close to Valencia. Lieutenant Colonel Francesco De Santis, Commander of the Italian CIMIC Battalion, participated in the Seminar as external instructor, in the framework of a fruitful and consolidated collaboration with the Spanish counterpart.

He contributed to the theoretical and practical activities, assisting the training audience and presenting the peculiarities and capacities of the Multinational CIMIC Group and the main tasks in operations. The collaboration among instructors coming from different Countries is an essential activity to increase the exchange of experiences and professionalism and to consolidate the CIMIC Community network.

Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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