Intercultural Mediator Course at the Multinational CIMIC Group

Advanced training for the Civil –Military Cooperation Specialists.

 Motta di Livenza, 20 April 2018. Today ended the CIMIC Intercultural Mediator course held at the “Mario Fiore” barrack, headquarters of the Multinational CIMIC Group – the joint and combined Army Unit, specialized in Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC).

The course is an important new development of the training provided within NATO and aims to enhance the training of the specialists in the field of cooperation.

Specifically, the CIMIC Intercultural Mediator course, thanks to the lesson plan that included communication, psychology, sociology and negotiation, has given useful tools to the attendees to support, in intercultural environment, the complex link function between the military component and the civilian one.

In this area, the CIMIC operators shall play as facilitator in the interactions between the parts promoting the removal of cultural barriers that would be obstacles to the development of cooperation activities.

The training activity, conceived and conducted by the Multinational CIMIC Group instructors, has been enriched by guest speakers, among them Mr. Gianni Rufini – Director of Amnesty International Italy and Prof. Fabrizio Luciolli – Director of the Atlantic Treaty Association.

Multinational CIMIC Group carries out Training & Education activities at international and joint level with a broader range of courses that have had, in total, to this day, more than 1500 students. This is achieved thanks to the field experiences resulting from the continued deployment of CIMIC personnel in all the operations and missions where the Armed Forces are present.


Source: Multinational CIMIC Group


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