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First “Interagency NGOs meeting” at Multinational Battle Group West

Cooperation continues between KFOR and Non-Governmental Organizations, in support of Local Institutions in Kosovo.

First “Interagency NGOs meeting” took place at Villaggio Italia in the past days, aimed at enhancing mutual cooperation and understanding between K – FOR Units and  Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) present in Kosovo.

Particularly, the meeting focused on identifying areas of cooperation in the field of Civil – Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and sharing of different perspectives on possible ways to support local Institutions. 

Colonel Ettore GAGLIARDI, Commanding Officer of Multinational Battle Group West, invited all NGOs to present their missions and objectives.

MNBG – W and KFOR HQ presented their current and future CIMIC projects in the fields  of Education and Health, including a special highlight on the mainstreams of Gender and discrimination against women.

The gathering included a guided tour of the Military health facility (Role - 1) located inside the military base. The Medical Staff presented the available military health capabilities and assets and illustrated their possible use, in support of the local population.   

MNBG – W is an Italian-led Multinational Unit, based on the Italian 185th Para – Artillery Regiment deployed to Kosovo in accordance with UNSCR 1244 to guarantee a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all citizens of Kosovo.  

In the framework of the contingent’s operations and activities, CIMIC projects are developed to support the civil population with a focused action in the fields of Health and Education. CIMIC projects are funded by the Italian Ministry of Defense and are designed and accomplished through the specialized coordination by CIMIC operators from Multinational CIMIC Group, who are included in the ranks of the Contingent.


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