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95th Anniversary of the Italian Air Force constitution

On the occasion of the celebrations for the 95th anniversary of the Italian Air Force constitution, it took place, at the Multinational CIMIC Group, the festivity where the Aeronautic personnel, in the service at the Multinational Headquarters, wanted to share with the colleagues of the other Armed Forces the solemnity of the event.

The Multinational CIMIC Group is a regimental level group established in 2002 (at that time called CIMIC Group South) which is Multinational – besides from Italy, in which represents the frameworks nation, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania and Slovenia contribute to this mission – and interforced, powered by personnel from all forces and corpses of the Italian Army such as Navy, Aeronautics and Carabinieri. Based on a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the six participating nations and the NATO Supreme Headquarters Powers Europe, the MNCG can be called to support the commands given by the NATO from operational level up to tactical level (from Joint HQs level – army copse – up to the brigade level) having one or more international specialist structures in the employ.

As a matter of fact the six nations have in possession National CIMIC units – at company/battalion level suitable for – whenever necessary, they can be assigned to the MNCG commanding officer.

Source: Multinational Cimic Group


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