CIMIC Functional Specialist Course

The CIMIC Functional Specialist Course took place at the Multinational CIMIC Group from 19 to 23 March 2018. The course was addressed to the Subject Matter Experts – such as engineers, architects, doctors and other professionals – wishing to work in Civil-Military Cooperation.

The aim of the course was to provide a general knowledge on tasks, functions and organisations related to the Civil-Military Cooperation within NATO. The course also included a practical part, with some role plays, where the attendees were able to practise what learned in class.

The course was attended by 24 students, civil and military, coming from Italy, Greece, Jordan, Ukraine and Burkina Faso. The teaching staff consisted of highly skilled personnel of the Multinational CIMIC and a trainer from the Slovenian Ministry of Defence (one of the Participating Nations). The lessons on the tasks, mandates and main activities of the Humanitarian International Organization, Governmental and Non-Governmental, working within the Humanitarian Assistance, arousing particular interest.

The Multinational CIMIC Group carries out joint Training&Education at international level in collaboration with the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence in The Hague (The Netherlands), trough a training program focused on the qualification of professional profiles which interact in the CIMIC environment with reference both to the civilian and military component. This achievement has been possible thanks to the several field experiences of the Unit personnel constantly employed in all the operations and missions where the Armed Forces are deployed.

Source: Multinational Cimic Group


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