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A delegation of the Civil Affairs Planning Division from USAFRICOM (United States Africa Command) visited Mario Fiore barracks

A delegation of the Civil Affairs Planning Division from USAFRICOM (United States Africa Command) visited "Mario Fiore" barracks, yesterday. "Mario Fiore" barracks, in Motta di Livenza (TV), hosts Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG), a specialized Unit of the Italian Army for CIMIC (civil-military cooperation).

MNCG’s Operational capabilities and training programs were presented to the delegation, through informative briefings.

Training activities, particularly stirred the visitors’ interest. Courses at MNCG, are developed to meet students’ expectations.

The recipe for success in training at MNCG definitely includes field experiences of many the MNCG personnel deployed to several Theatres of Operations with the Italian Armed Forces.

Additionally, a new born "Intercultural Mediator course” is scheduled to be launched this year for the first time. This course has been designed to train personnel as key enablers of complex and articulated liaison between military and non-military actors, in intercultural contexts.

The visit continued with a survey to a deployable CIMIC Center, a physical access point that can be set up in areas of crisis and manned by CIMIC Operators. CIMIC Centers are designed to facilitate interaction between a military Force and the civil population.

CIMIC Centers often become key points of reference for the local population and for the many Humanitarian Organizations present in an area of crisis.

Assets generated by Multinational CIMIC Group can operate across the whole spectrum of operations, including Collective Defense Operations (NATO Art. V), Crisis Response Operations, Stability Operations, Support to Humanitarian Relief and Reconstruction & Development.

Particularly, support provided by this Combined / Joint Unit is key through all phases of Operations, from Planning (Pre-Operational), to Conduct (Operational), to Transition (Transitional).

Through all these phases, MNCG support includes three core functions (CIMIC Core functions): civil - military liaison, support to the civil environment, support to the force.

 Source:  Multinational CIMIC Group


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