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Visit of a US Civil Affair delegation

Yesterday, at "Mario Fiore" barracks in  Motta di Livenza (TV), in the Multinational CIMIC Group (MNCG) location, it took place a meeting with 3rd  Battalion Civil Affairs  delegation stationed in Fort Bragg in North Carolina (USA).

The scope of the visit was aimed to increase the already existing cooperation in the education and training sectors of the CIMIC operators. During the visit, a particular interest has aroused the Training & Education activity conducted by Multinational CIMIC Group  at combined and joint level., also in collaboration with Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE), through  a training program aimed at the specialization of the various figures that interact in the CIMIC environment, military and civilian personnel.

With a view to providing a "product" always updated and in line with the expectation of the course attendees. MNCG makes use of collaboration with expertise and professionality coming from the academic world and also guest speakers working for the main International, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations   (e.g.:. ICRC, UN OCHA, MSF, ecc.), the close collaboration with a so important entities started many years ago.

In conclusion, the Multinational CIMIC Group training offer is also based on the Mobile Training Teams, that develop CIMIC courses in NATO partners countries  and also in Lebanon, Turkey, Ukraine, Iraq.

Source:  Multinational Cimic Group


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