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Military and civilian personnel has been qualified, after the participation to the CIMIC course 

Motta di Livenza, February 14th, 2020

From 10th to 14th February 2020 the Functional Specialist course has been run at Mario Fiore Barracks, seat of the Multinational CIMIC Group. The aim of the course was to provide the Functional Specialist (FS), military or civilian personnel with an expertise in different fields such as Civil Administration, Civil Infrastructure, Humanitarian Affairs, Economy & Commerce, a basic understanding of principles, tasks, functions and organization of CIMIC in NATO, moreover to enable the Functional Specialists to fulfill their special duty as an element of NATO CIMIC assets, chiefly in Crises Response Operations (CRO).

The secondary purpose of the course was to create awareness for those civil organizations and individuals who have a vested interest in CIMIC activities. In fact, 32 students from Italian, Bulgarian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukrainian Army and civilians coming from different environments, such as Economy sphere, Red Cross Corps, University and International Organizations attended the course going over different modules such as the gender, the communication and the negotiation ones, putting in practice the theory through role plays. During the week several guest speakers have participated to give their didactic and professional support to the course. Nowadays almost 2000 students attended civil-military cooperation courses at the Multinational CIMIC Group, as an evidence of the a diversified and qualifying educational bid offered.


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