New CIMIC Projects in Lebanon

The Italian contingent, currently based on the Bersaglieri Brigade "Garibaldi" mission engaged in the Lebanon mission inaugurates new CIMIC projects of civil and military cooperation completed in favor of the population


With the beginning of the New Year does not stop the "solidarity machine" CIMIC for the Italian Blue Helmets of the Joint Task Force Lebanon (JTF-L) of Sector West (SW) engaged in mission in Lebanon.


2019 opened with the inauguration of various projects of civil and military cooperation, thanks to the support of the CIMIC cell specialists under the UNIFIL Contingent and coming from the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza (TV), an inter-force excellence center for training in the delicate sector.


In the municipality of Bint Jubayl, a town located south-east of the Western Sector of UNIFIL, was held the inaugural ceremony of a CIMIC project concerning the supply of a vehicle used for the transport of water tanks, used by the Office of the Union of Municipalities of the homonymous town.


The General of the Brigade Diodato Abagnara, Commander of the SW, handed the keys of the vehicle to the Prefect of Bint Jubayl, Charbel Al Alam, and on this occasion remarked how the Italian Blue Helmets carried out a widespread action in support of the local population, and "although each project has its own index of complexity and is different from one another, in every municipality where I went I did not notice any differences in the community approach: I always find the same smile and the same humanity. Gratitude, the General concluded, is not only measured by concrete things, but is also reflected in gestures and simplicity. You put everything you have in the field and we cannot appreciate it. Thank you; thank you because we are and we will always be grateful for your welcome and your goodness of heart: manifestations of affection that enrich us.”


In addition, in the town of Yanuh, the Commander of Leonte XXV was present at the delivery of a project relating to the construction of a wall of approximately 100 meters under-car to service the extra-urban road that crosses the municipality. The project is part of "interventions for essential civil infrastructures" in the "road network" sector and is of considerable importance for securing a section of road that crosses part of the center of the local community. The support wall, like all civil and military cooperation activities, was also achieved thanks to the constant commitment of the Tactical Cimic Team (TCT), a unit employed by the CIMIC branch of the West Sector that performs the tasks of liaison, assessment and monitoring of the projects, that is to say, during the preliminary phase, the sustainability of the programs is ascertained and checks, in the conduct phase, the correct execution of the works.


Finally, at the orphanage in Tibnin, the opening ceremony for the project of a recreational play area was held to serve the structure that houses girls and orphans from the south of the country. The work consists in the construction of a steel roof and elastomeric flooring and was carried out in partnership between the Italian contingent of the SW and the Direction of the center for social and educational support for the young orphans of Tibnin.


In the city of Tiro, instead, some rooms of the Prefecture of the city have been redeveloped, in order to facilitate the use of services by the local community.


The Prefect of Tiro, Mohammad Jaffal, the highest Lebanese-political expression in the area of South Lebanon, thanked the Italian blue helmets engaged in the mission in Lebanon and the "constant attention given to one of the most important Lebanese cities declared by UNESCO, World Heritage Site."


Source: Italian Defence General Staff


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