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MNCG operators have a pivotal coordination role in theprevention and treatment of infectious diseases


Djbouti, April 2022.

In recent weeks, with the collaboration of Caritas, the Multinational CIMIC Group specialists have coordinated a series of outpatient visits conducted by health personnel of Italian Support Base deployed in Djibouti, in favor of local population.

Following a period of difficulties due to COVID restriction,the medical care activity has been resumed, giving health workers the opportunity to ascertain the status of some previous situations and to intervene on new cases.

The most common afflictions are dermatological infections, abrasion wounds, subjects suffering from scabies, mycosis, seriously neglected traumatic injuries and broncho-respiratory pathologies.

Health professionals need a constant control activity to follow the evolution of various pathologies in order to mitigate the spread of infections more effectively.

In this context MNCG operators continue to support non-military actors, in order to carry out this type of intervention on a weekly basis.



SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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