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MNCG closed the first educational semester with the Functional Specialist Course

Motta di Livenza, June, 10th, 2022.
From 6th to 10th June, the Multinational CIMIC Group organized and conducted the Functional Specialist course in favour of military and civilians coming from different nations and armed forces. The didactic activity was aimed at giving the participants the basic notions of civil-military cooperation as well as the functions and tasks performed by the latter. The course was mainly aimed at the figures of functional specialists, i.e. specific and selected civilian and military personnel possessing particular skills in certain areas of interest for the Armed Forces (such as the civil administration, infrastructure, humanitarian assistance). The course is however open to all those who are interested in knowing the basic principles of civil-military cooperation.
Several participants will have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned as they will soon be introduced in the operational scenarios in which the Armed Forces are called to intervene, to cover tasks related to civil-military cooperation. They will therefore be ready to interface with international, governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to support the civil environment to achieve the mission's goals.
Coaches coming from Slovenia and US, as well as guest speakers from UN and WFP, contributed to the excellent outcome of the course.
The Multinational CIMIC Group is recognized, within the Atlantic Alliance, as a training unit for the CIMIC operational function and there are numerous requests for enrolment of students from NATO and non-NATO countries on the www.cimicgroup.org platform.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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