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MNCG staff for the improvement in the health sector

Djibouti, March 2023.

In recent weeks, the specialists of the CIMIC Multinational Group have donated some medicines supplied by the ONLUS Pharmaceutical Bank.
The medicines donation activity, already carried out in recent years, aims to meet the needs that the hospitals of Djibouti have to face due to the unavailability, by the state structure, of supplies.
The donation is part of a collaboration agreement, signed in May 2018, between the Joint Operational Command, the Military Ordinary and the ONLUS Banco Farmaceutico Foundation, aimed at developing pharmaceutical assistance to populations living in conditions of poverty in the Theaters of Operation of contingents abroad.
Thanks to the dedication and great professionalism shown on the occasion of important donations and projects first studied, coordinated with the local Civil and Military Authorities and subsequently followed in their executive phase, the soldiers of the CIMIC staff in Djibouti were able to add another important element to resolve the complex mosaic of criticalities in favor of hospitals and minor hospitals in Djibouti.

SOURCE: Multinational CIMIC Group


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